Noise Control Inc. Products & Services

Kinetics Middle East LLC an ISO 9001:2008 certified & engineering company specializing in designing, supplying and installing acoustical products was established in Dubai in February 2000 as a branch office of Kinetics UK in London. Kinetics Middle East offices and warehouses are located in Dubai Investment Park area with a branch office in Abu Dhabi. Our principals Kinetics Noise Control Inc. are located in Dublin, Ohio U.S.A.

Kinetics Middle East maintains substantial stocks of vibration isolators, floating floor materials and flexible pipe connectors to service the local and Middle East markets. To meet local market demands Kinetics Middle East licensed local factories to manufacture selected products to Kinetics specifications.


Kinetics Middle East is fully backed by Kinetics Noise Control, a leader in the vibration and noise control industry since 1958, who markets a variety of products and services through a global network of representatives and licensees.