LEED & Kinetics Noise Control

The Need:

Saving energy, protecting the environment, and making building interiors comfortable and safe are key components of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). As a manufacturer of products that control noise, acoustics and vibration, Kinetics Noise Control has been a part of the LEED initiative since 2009. We strive to incorporate materials and manufacturing practices that support the practice of “building green”. We continuously update our LEED credit sheets so designers, builders and owners can evaluate the potential environmental benefits of using Kinetics products.

The Benefits:

Increasingly, the benefits of quiet spaces are being recognized through LEED credits. Kinetics Noise Control is proud to contribute to LEED credits for recycled content, low-emitting materials, forestry certification, etc., but especially for acoustical credits. Specifically schools and health care facilities, where additional acoustical LEED credits are available for controlling background noise levels, speech intelligibility (reverberation times) and speech privacy (STC). Such measures contribute significantly to better learning and healing environments, communications and privacy.

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