Soundproofing vs Sound Absorbing – What’s the Difference?

There are two sides of the acoustical coin. There are products that absorb echo within a room, and there are products that will block or stop/reduce sound transmission. Echo absorbing materials are used to improve the sound quality inside of the room in which they are installed. They are usually installed on the walls or ceiling as a finished surface in the room.

Products that are used to block sound are used INSIDE of the wall or ceiling – as part of the construction material. They can be dense, heavy materials or materials that will decouple the wall assembly – and due to their density, often reflect the sound back into the room rather than the sound penetrating through to the other side. Absorbing the echo in a room and blocking or reducing sound are done in two very different ways and with different products and approaches.

Acoustical materials made from soft, squishy things like sponges are going to absorb. Dense, heavy, air-tight materials will block. Those are the basics right there.

In short, Soundproofing means the prevention of sound going from one space to another. Sound absorption means using materials to reduce echo and reverberations within an area.

Sound Absorbing Options

Controlling noise through sound absorption can be an extremely effective method of lessening the echo and noise within a space. Products that are designed to absorb sound are made with soft materials that can soak up the sound as it hits its surfaces. As specialists in noise control, we offer a wide range of echo absorbing products that can be integrated into any setting. We provide a large selection of high-quality echo reduction panel materials to reach this goal. . All of these products are built specifically with absorption in mind.

Our huge product catalogue features lots of sound absorbing products ranging from acoustic fabric panels and KNP metal Panels to acoustic baffles Whether it’s excessive noise in an office, poor speech intelligibility in a classroom or a disturbing echo in a village hall – a selection of cleverly placed sound absorbing materials on the walls and/or ceiling will help to resolve an array of noise issues. Whilst the term ‘sound absorption’ is less frequently heard, it’s probably the method we undertake the majority of the time – even if we are approached to provide a ‘soundproofing’ solution.

If you are interested in a professional or finished look as well as performance, there are fantastic sound-absorbing products:

Fabric acoustical panels – decorative, sound-absorbing panels for any space where good speech privacy or speech intelligibility is important

KNP Metals Panels – to control reverberant noise problems in factories, waste water treatment facilities, pump rooms, equipment yard barrier walls and other factory and environmental applications.

S4 Absorption Panels – S4 panel is an economical and easily cleanable sound absorber

Acoustic Baffles – Wave Baffles are designed for horizontal suspension in a wave-like form at the ceiling level. This provides high levels of sound absorption for reducing reverberation in large, high cubic volume rooms

At Kinetics Middle East, we are leaders in everything from basic acoustical foam to high performance proprietary systems. We’ve environmentally friendly, LEED eligible products as well as user friendly. We understand that different rooms have different needs and offer our customers a variety of options so that you can choose the best echo absorbing product for your needs.

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Sound Proofing Options

The science of soundproofing

Sound is a kind of energy that’s produced when things vibrate. The energy has to go somewhere, so it travels outward, away from the sound source, making objects and the air all around us vibrate in sympathy until what’s left of the energy reaches our ears. In short, sound starts life at a source, travels through one or more media, enters our ears, and lights up our brains—and if you want to stop it in its tracks you have to interrupt that chain of events somewhere along the route. Soundproofing or sound blocking with sound insulating material stops sound from entering or leaving a room.

Soundproofing materials are mostly solid and heavy – the action of physically blocking sound requires it to be dense enough to reflect sound and keep it enclosed in one space.

Our vast sound blocking product line includes materials that can be used in HVAC situations, industrial applications, exterior applications and many more. Many of these sound blocking products can be custom designed to work in almost all situations, rooms or work-spaces.

Working from years of experience, Kinetics Middle East is a leader in sound blocking materials. Our skilled acoustical advisors have a solution for any noise problem. Please see the Link below for examples of our sound proofing isolation systems and contact us to learn more.